Simply put- To use our game creator tool, place your information into a chart, select the game from the options, click to Save/Print the game out.

But there is a bit more in the details of making a game. Different games require different information. Pairs are required to play Old Maid or FamilyMom and Go Fish requires sets. You can’t use Go Fish cards in an Old Maid Game.

Pairs of information are the easiest and the most common game we make because single answer questions are the most used and the easiest to make up in your head as a parent/teacher.

The Pairs chart requires five pairs, after you enter the five pairs the ‘trays’ fill up to show your game parts, cards, spinners, etc., but you may place up to 24 pairs inside the chart.

We have two game options for Pairs:

  • FamilyMom – played like Old Maid, only the winner is the player ending the game with the Mom card.
  • Luke’s Card Game– played like the card game Golf, with three pairs, total six cards per hand. Click here for Video instructions.
Select Luke’s or FamilyMom Card game, Save/print, then you have an option to share with the other members. (share button doesn’t show)

As of January 2019 members can use the custom game tool to make unlimited games and print out any games that are shared (over 35 games), all free of charge. Enjoy for now!