Telling Time – FamilyMom and Luke’s Card Games

Goal: Practice reading the clock Analog clocks are so much more attractive than digital clocks. Let’s help preserve a beautiful piece of our history. Sundials have been lost, don’t let it happen to analog clocks.      $1 through Also available through This set includes two printable card games: FamilyMom is like “Old Maid” (only better).At the end […]

Multipying By 6 and 7 Clothespin Activities

objective: practicing × 6 and × 7 This single game is included in the Multiplication Games Level Two (II) set (15 games $7) and is sold here separately. Includes two butterflies with same text (problems). The pink one will use less ink.    $1. through also available through   To prepare this activity print the answer key/ sticker […]

Coins- Small Change Board Game

Objective: Study pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters the game board lists: $.10 $.13 $.15 $.16 $.25 $.30,  Rules are on the board        $2.00     $1.00 The game cards show two or three ways to get that amount, both text and images. For example $.10 has: one dime,  one nickel and five pennies, or two nickels. The cards show […]

Roman Numerals Board Game Level I

objective: study roman numerals 2 – 18 This file includes: the game board spinner game cards (numerals 2,5,6,7,8,9,13,14,17) numeral 18 card, answer key, rules, and tokens             $2.00 This is our Level I board game. We have a level two set that has a board game and three card games studying numerals up to 192. Proverbs […]

Roman Numerals GoFish Card Game Level I

study Roman Numerals <20 This PDF includes 30 cards to play and study with using the standard GoFish rules (included) or any rules that play with sets of information.        $2.00  $1.00 This is our Level I GoFish game. We also have a Roman Numeral level two set that has a board game and three card games studying numerals up […]