20 Free Phonics Games Now

Over 100 in all topics, free to all of our members. Free membership, Join today! At https://teachwithgames.com/games/phonics-for-2nd-graders you will find a review game board and spinner for members and nonmembers. Plus a link to purchase a $7 (total price in the US) clear spinner that makes all of the spinner games more fun for kids and easier for parents. A […]

Memory Help for Everyone

Use Games! As a member (free membership) at teachwithgames.com, you can print out any of the “Shared” Games, over 100 options as of July 2019. When you use the games at teachwithgames.com, one printed game can be played two or more ways using the information cards. We have game boards and spinners that you can use with the “pairs” Chart […]

Free Spinner- for Making a FREE Game

We just had our 101st game created with the game creator on Teachwithgames.com. To celebrate I will give 5 free transparent spinners to 5 members that make spinner games using the Game Creator- Gi’me, Gi’me with the Category Chart and Stephanie’s Spinner Game with the Sets Chart. You can only win one per member, but the spinner can be used […]

More Phonics for 2nd Graders

Here is another game created by one of our users to help students enjoy reading phonics lists. You can make the same game with your phonics words by filling a Category chart with your words in our Game Creator at teachwithgames.com. Free membership and free use of the creator tool. As a member you can print and play all of […]

Make Your Own Printable Games

We have over 80 “Shared Games” available to print and play for our members (free membership). The last ten that were created and shared are listed below. Also with the free membership, you can make and share your own game using your information, with our custom game creator. I am happy to help anyone create their first game. Just contact […]

Memory Games for … Everyone

Our Game creator at https://teachwithgames.com/ is available to make games to study for the bar exam, real estate exam, GED, or addition facts. We have nine different games, a couple for each type of information. The “tray” shows the game parts as they change for each game. For example, the pair’s chart has Luke’s that requires wild cards and FamilyMom […]