Homonyms Board Game with An Antonym and Synonym Clothespin Activity

You get both with this package… Play a board game with your friends/family or play alone with a single player activity.   $1.00 through our website teachwithgames.com Also available through Currclick.com Homonyms Board Game The board includes six different homonym sets with each of their definitions. I suggest playing with one part of a set at a time. A player […]

Grammar GoFish Card Game

Objective:players read and listen to correctly used and commonly misused words.  Players collect two correct parts of a sentence and the definition of a word in the sentence. For example: Molly did a  |  good deed.                |   Good is an adjective (describes a noun) How bad      |  was the accident? […]

Vertebrates -MatchIt Card Game

This game studies reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish, and birds. Players must match the category or color of the top card of the play pile.              $2.00    $1.00 The game cards can be used to play other card games that match categories, including Stephanie’s Spinner Card Game, if you make a spinner. (click for the visual […]

Homonyms GoFish Card Game

This game studies six different homonym sets, three different words for each, plus their definition I recommend 15- 25 cards in each GoFish game. So I suggest: use the words only (no definitions) collect sets of three, or use three of the word sets (collect six in a set, with definitions)                $2.00   $1.00 […]