Students play by collecting pairs of numbers that equal zero.

In this case, one positive number and one negative. Don’t worry, students don’t need to understand negative numbers, they just see a 4 card and a -4 card and memorize that it equals 0. Some will understand the concept now and some will get it later.


FamilyMom is like “Old Maid” (only better). At the end of the game, the FamilyMom card holder is the winner.

Luke’s Card Game is similar to “Golf,” only with 6 cards, which makes it a catchy, very quick paced game.

Game summary:

  • includes 26 number cards – subtraction 0-12 equaling 0 (0-0, 1-1, …)

  • includes rules for Luke’s and FamilyMom

  • cards can be used with any game that collects pairs

  • everything you need to DIY is free at

    • as a member (free membership), you get

      • 10 free complete games (in addition to the 5 for nonmembers)

      • blank board games

      • blank game cards

 If you are not a DIYer, or don’t have time for this now, it is available for purchase


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All of the rules that we use at are published under the Help Tab on our website.

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