The rules for Stephanie’s Spinner Card Games are not interchangeable. Last week I told about the game for categories, this week I am talking about sets. Below you can see the rules for Stephanie’s Spinner Card Game for Sets:

 Rules for Stephanie's Spinner Card Game for sets.

This game can be played with most card games that use sets, like GoFish. Players collect complete sets and win with the most complete sets.

Ideas for printable games that use sets:


  • Early Learning – Letters, include:
  •              one “F”, one “f”, one {Image of a fox}
  • Early Learning – Number words, include:
  •              one numeral (3), one number word (three), and one image (three pennies)
  • Language – Prefix word study include:
  •              one prefix (re-), one meaning (again), and one sample (redo)
  • Phonics – short vowels, include:
  •              one manuscript vowel (manuscript “e”), one cursive vowel (“e”), one word (egg), and                                                                                                                 one image (image of an egg)


I like to use 5-10 sets, with 3-5 members in each for my games.


This game uses a spinner. I think spinners add entertainment value to a game if they work. I never could get homemade spinners to work well in my classroom… I found a clear plastic spinner that can lay on top of my printed spinner and it WORKS. Yeah! I don’t sell them but I give them away, with a purchase. ($25  purchased through Resources4teaching, then write me, while supplies last)  You may be able to find them in a teacher supply store.

Proverbs 15:2 “The wise person makes learning a joy…”, (NLT)

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