I have two “Stephanie’s Spinner Card Games” one for Categories of Information and one for Sets of Information. The rules are not exchangeable.

Sets have a specific number of members and categories can have an undisclosed number of members. For example:


One complete set in Phonics – {an image of} an apple



One complete set in Math – {an image of} five items





One category in Phonics – words that have a short ‘a’

One category in Math – multiples of 5

Categories are never ‘complete.’

When I create a game, I start with filling out my answer key. Then, fill out the game cards using the key. I have a free template for game cards (plus a bunch of free printable games) on teachwithgames.com, for members…

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Here are the blank rules to make your own Printable Game using categories of information.


Proverbs 15:2 “The wise person makes learning a joy…”, (NLT)

use games!