This “set” includes two clothespin activities and  52 cards to play FamilyMom or OldMaid. I included the rules for Luke’s Card Game, but to play it you will need to use the Oldmaid and FamilyMom cards as wilds if you don’t have other wild cards.

Clothespin Activities

  • Print out the fish (problems printed on it) on card stock or construction paper
  • Print the answer sheet on an address sticker page and stick the stickers onto clothespins. (no sticker paper, no problem, print answer page and cut up answer cards and students just clip the answer cards to the fish) 
  • Less experienced players could use the questions and answers until ready to play with answers only
  • answer card example:
    14 – 7 = 7 7


Players clip the clothespin answers to the problems on the fish. File includes one blue fish and one light orange (peachy) fish with identical text.

Card Games

Players collect problem/ answer pairs matching the answer key.

FamilyMom is like “Old Maid” (only better). At the end of the game, the FamilyMom card holder is the winner. This PDF includes an “Old Maid” card, just in case you want to play the ‘old way.’

This file includes 52 game cards plus the FamilyMom and Old Maid cards.


  • 9 Pairs (18 cards +1) is enough for a quick, fun game.
  • I use five pairs and copy to make = or >20 cards.
  • It is best to include a couple familiar problems with new material.

All of the rules that we use at are published under the Help Tab on the website.

Proverbs 15:2 “The wise person makes learning a joy…”, (NLT)

use games!