Help memorizing the × 11 family

This single game is included in the Multiplication Games Level Three (III) set (13 games $7) and is sold here separately.

Luke’s Card Game is similar to “Golf,” only with 6 cards, which makes it a catchy, very quick paced game.

4 page PDF

Multiply By 11 Luke's Card Game. for $2.00buy now through resources4teaching. buy now through currclick.

DIY Idea: If you kids enjoy a certain card game, think about the type of information that is required to play it.

  • Pairs of information – Old Maid card game
  • Sets of information – Go Fish card game
  • Categories of information – Uno card game
  • a Sequence of information – Solitaire or Skip-Bo card games

Use the rules to create an educational game for them to enjoy.

The cards in this card game can be used to play other games like our FamilyMom card game.

All of the rules that we use at are published under the Help Tab on the website.

Proverbs 15:2 “The wise person makes learning a joy…”, (NLT)

use games!