I use games to introduce multiplication to second graders. When you use games for a new concept always encourage players to use the answer key. Using the key helps them use the information, especially checking their opponent’s turn. They watch or listen for the correct answer.

Here is the list that came up on teachwithgames.com when I searched for “10 tens” inside the free “My Games” ( the game Creator) … I don’t understand the “Opposites or Antonyms…” but they came up.

Five of these games I use for practice with multiplying by tens, multiplication for second graders. I start with “Gotcha,” but all of them could be used with the answer keys. All of the games on teachwithgames.com print out with an answer key, the rules, and all of the other game parts.

All of our games use (or twist) the rules from time-tested fun games. Video and written rules are under “Game Rules” on teachwithgames.com

Our Game Creator is available to use for free and all of the “Shared Games” are free for you to use. If you don’t see what you are studying, make a game and please “share it” so other members can use it.