Use More Or Less Card Game rules to study any measurement sequence

Perfect for teaching:

  • greater than (>) and less than (<).

  • English and Metric measurements: dry, liquid, weight, mass, etc.

  • Fractions

  • decimals

  • whole numbers (early learning) or place value (99, 207, 217, 900, …)

  • sets (four sets of two, three sets of three, six sets of two, …)

Create cards and an answer key, copy our rules with tokens, PLAY!

moreorlessrulestokens_key   PDF with these rules (full size) is available to our members at

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Referring to an answer key will help players memorize the information. It will slow down the game and they will usually need it less and less. Reading it aloud will help everyone memorize it.

We sell several More or Less Card Games on Currclick for $1 each including one I will talk about Friday using Roman Numerals.

Proverbs 15:2 “The wise person makes learning a joy…”, (NLT)

use games!

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What do you want to use More or Less rules to teach?