Use Games! As a member (free membership) at, you can print out any of the “Shared” Games, over 100 options as of July 2019. When you use the games at, one printed game can be played two or more ways using the information cards.

We have game boards and spinners that you can use with the “pairs” Chart Games- Luke’s and FamilyMom Card Game. Draw card and answer with the matching pair, if correct, spin the spinner and move to the colored space on the board. An answer key prints out with each game to confirm your answers.

If you select/print a

  • FamilyMom Game, I have extra parts (wilds) to use with your information cards to play Luke’s Card Game… also use these cards for ‘Memory’ or ‘Concentration’
  • Print a Gi’me Card Game and use the extra parts (wilds and additional cards) to play MatchIt and Category Train
  • Print Stephanie’s Spinner Card Game and use the information cards to play Go Fish
  • Extra Parts are at the bottom of this page for you to play more games with the same information cards. Our brains make more connections in our brains with a larger variety of exposure.
    • Read the cards aloud as they are played
    • listen to the other players as they read the same information

This will use your (or your students) eyes, ears, mouth, and hands- Visual, auditory, kinesthetic ‘tactile’, and reading/writing learning.

Printable games play best with at least 20 cards on FamilyMom and Luke’s …36 minimum cards for all other games, so make copies as needed.

Our games use rules from common time-tested games. The rules have written and video instructions on the site under Game Rules

Keep playing!