Our Game creator at https://teachwithgames.com/ is available to make games to study for the bar exam, real estate exam, GED, or addition facts.

As you fill in the chart the game parts show up in the ‘tray’ (after the minimum is met). This just shows you what they will look like when you print.

We have nine different games, a couple for each type of information. The “tray” shows the game parts as they change for each game. For example, the pair’s chart has Luke’s that requires wild cards and FamilyMom that uses a “FamilyMom card”.

All of our games use familiar rules from time-tested fun games. “Luke’s” game uses part of the card game “Golf”. Played with 6 cards instead of 9, this is a very quick paced memory game. And FamilyMom is played like “Old Maid” in reverse. The winner is the last player with the FamilyMom card.

Each of our games prints out all of the game parts- rules, cards, answer key, tokens or spinner, whatever is required. The rules are there also we have additional help and video rules on the website.

I want to help you create your first game. Please contact me for email or phone help, Or on Facebook