Students learn better, more complete if they use information in different ways. So if you print our “Multiplying By 2 Gotcha Game”, after the student is comfortable, change the rules to collect the 2’s backward…start with 2×12 or the equation that would be your last card.

In my math classroom, we started with Gotcha (where they see the answers), then a Luke’s or a FamilyMom Card game. My third-grade students enjoyed memorizing their math facts and scored very well on the standardized tests. Their scores in Computation were 5th-grade to post-High School. This was effective math help for my third-grade class!

The more ways a student can see and use the information the more connections in their brain and the easier it is for them to use/apply the information to more complex concepts. All of these games are free for you to printout and play today on

Let students memorize with games, then you can teach them the concepts.