You get both with this package… Play a board game with your friends/family or play alone with a single player activity.

Homonym Board Game and Antonym/ Synonym Clothespin Activity, both for $1.   $1.00 through our website

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Homonyms Board Game

The board includes six different homonym sets with each of their definitions. I suggest playing with one part of a set at a time.

A player that spins “Prays” for example could choose:

prays -plead, or

preys -feeds on, or

praise -compliment

If you want students to use them all, have them touch each word and definition. Their turn ends with the last definition.

We do have a GoFish card game using the same words, sold separately.

Clothespin Activity

This is a single player activity unless you make copies to race, or race against another player with a timer.

Prepare the activity by printing the board onto card stock and the word sheet onto a sticker page or card stock. Attach the stickers to clothespins or cut the cards apart to be clipped to the board. Answers (or numbers) for self check could be added to the back of the board and clothespins.

The board has ten words and the word page has an antonym and a synonym for each word.

Proverbs 15:2 “The wise person makes learning a joy…”, (NLT) use games!