For those who have more money than time or other reasons to buy; I sell games.

A fun way to practice reading phonics lists

This single game, G, C, Ph, Y, Gn Stephanie’s Spinner Card Game, is included in the Phonics Games Level Two (II) set (15 games $7) and is sold at separately (for $1).

Players may use the spinner or the category cards to play this game. Players read all 25 words each time they play and even the hesitant reader ask to play again.

You could use the game cards to play MatchIt if you have the extra cards from another MatchIt card game.

For a FREE full game using Categories, check this out on

Free Sample Game – Sc, sk, sm, sp, and sn Stephanie’s Card Game

The rules in this game are specific to these phonics rules. If you want to make your own, using your phonics rules or other categories, check out last Tuesday’s post for DIY- Homeschool.

Proverbs 15:2 “The wise person makes learning a joy…”, (NLT) use games!

For a full game using Categories, check this out on