We just had our 101st game created with the game creator on Teachwithgames.com. To celebrate I will give 5 free transparent spinners to 5 members that make spinner games using the Game Creator- Gi’me, Gi’me with the Category Chart and Stephanie’s Spinner Game with the Sets Chart. You can only win one per member, but the spinner can be used over and over with all of the printed spinner games on the site… it is almost unbreakable. ($5 value)

The free plastic spinner is 4″ square and is shown on top of a printed spinner available to members and non-members on our site.

Use our FREE Game Creator to create an educational game that

  • uses a spinner,
  • teaches a pre-k through high school concept,
  • select “Submit for Approval”,
  • and get published to qualify for the contest.

I am trying to enable “voting” so your friends can vote for your game. The winners will be determined by voting if I can figure that out, if not, I will divide the total number of participants by five (=X) and give them to every X qualified member. If there are 20 qualified members/games, you will have a 25% chance to win one of the five spinners, if there are 100 I will double the prizes, give 10 spinners, and you will have a 10% chance if there are 200 entrants I will end the contest and give 20 spinners away.

This contest will end on July 31st, 2019 or at 200 entrants.

Fill the chart with your unique information, select the spinner game, and submit for approval to have your game published and gain votes to win.

Publishing is at my discretion, we want accurate games that teach concepts appropriate for school-age kids. Your chances for winning will be over 10%, but the contest may end soon, enter today!