We have nine different games that you can create with the game creator. Two of them use the pairs of information chart.

  • Pairs of information
    • FamilyMom Card Game
    • Luke’s Card Game

The custom game cards are the same, but each game has different rules and “special” or other game parts. This is true of each type of game, but in this example of pairs, the different parts are minimal.

  • FamilyMom requires a “Mom” card
  • Luke’s requires several “Wild” cards

Pairs is the most common type of information so, it is the easiest game to make. So, if you make or print out a game using pairs, you can easily have two games to play if you use the “special” parts from another game.

If you print out one FamilyMom game studying “Multiplying By 8” and one Luke’s game studying “Vocabulary”, you can play at least four different games. The more ways a student works with information the more connections in the brain.

Thanks for playing!