Coins- Small Change Board Game

Objective: Study pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters the game board lists: $.10 $.13 $.15 $.16 $.25 $.30,  Rules are on the board        $2.00     $1.00 The game cards show two or three ways to get that amount, both text and images. For example $.10 has: one dime,  one nickel and five pennies, or two nickels. The cards show […]

Roman Numerals Board Game Level I

objective: study roman numerals 2 – 18 This file includes: the game board spinner game cards (numerals 2,5,6,7,8,9,13,14,17) numeral 18 card, answer key, rules, and tokens             $2.00 This is our Level I board game. We have a level two set that has a board game and three card games studying numerals up to 192. Proverbs […]

Story Problem Board Game

study the ‘clue words’ for story problems This single game is included in the Multiplication Games Level Three (III) set (13 games $7) and is sold here separately. game includes: one game board 24 game cards, six – six B six M six / answer key and rules            $2.00  $1.00 The game cards have story problems […]

Vertebrates -MatchIt Card Game

This game studies reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish, and birds. Players must match the category or color of the top card of the play pile.              $2.00    $1.00 The game cards can be used to play other card games that match categories, including Stephanie’s Spinner Card Game, if you make a spinner. (click for the visual […]

Homonyms GoFish Card Game

This game studies six different homonym sets, three different words for each, plus their definition I recommend 15- 25 cards in each GoFish game. So I suggest: use the words only (no definitions) collect sets of three, or use three of the word sets (collect six in a set, with definitions)                $2.00   $1.00 […]

Five Senses Board Game

This board game studies the five senses only. The words on the board do not all have adjectives as our MatchIt card game does. The MatchIt card game can be used to teach Language – nouns and adjectives. (click text to view the Five Senses MatchIt Card Game)            $2.00    $.99 This board game is a […]

Prefix Study GoFish Card Game

Collect sets of prefix, the prefix definition, and a word using the prefix Traditional GoFish game to study 21 prefixes. Examples: auto- self – automobile pre- before – pretest vita- life – vitamin         $2.00 Homeschool DIY : Make your own game cards using your own words.  has blank game pieces, including blank game cards in a […]

Place Value GoFish

study place value:  hundreds, tens, and ones Players collect sets of cards. For example, a 97 card, a 0 hundreds card, a 9 tens card, and a 7 ones card, make one complete set.              $2.00 The game includes 10 sets, totaling 30 cards, rules and answer keys. For even more fun, use play money to […]