In the Category Board Game players take turns drawing a card or spinning a spinner then moving to the correct space. I use the # of the quotient /answer in division, # of the product in multiplication, or match colors, vowels, anything that has limited (3-8) answers.


This board game is our simplest board game and can be printed on computer paper… reprint as needed. Also, the spinner could be printed on regular paper if you use a clear plastic spinner on top of your printed spinner. Card Stock is required for printing cards.


I normally offer a free clear spinner with a $25 purchase from my site. For the rest of this month, May 2013, I will send you one for a $14 purchase. Send me your “buyer’s name” and physical address in an email to chris@ for this offer.

Free sample Category Board Game -Phonics – Short Vowel Board Game

(follow link and look at the bottom of that page)

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