One way I use MatchIt Card Game rules is to give practice reading phonics lists. Students ask to play. They are actually asking to read… that is success as a teacher. The word cards can be used to play other card games that match categories.

The rules are available free in the June, 3rd 2013 post if you DIY homeschool or you could buy ours. The Question: Do you have more time or money?

Ch, Kn, Sw, Wh, Wh, MatchIt Card Game is one of four MatchIt card games that are included in the teachwithgames “Phonics Games Level Two”

 Buy Phonics Games Two at               Image is link to buy Phonics Games Two from 16 games for $7.

This single game, “Ch, Kn, Sw, Wh, Wh, MatchIt Card Game” is included in the Phonics Games Level Two (II) set (16 games $7) and is sold separately on Currclick for $1.

This game studies two sounds for the “wh,” as in wheel and in whole, plus the other sounds.